Temperature info

At a water temperature below 19°C and / or an outside temperature below 12°C the swimming will be cancelled and replaced by a short run (appr. 1 km) around the lake, before getting on the bikes.

Helmets compulsory! Mountain or tour bikes only!
Bicycles are parked outside the lake area in the parking lot. Please turn right (counterclockwise).
At the junction (app. 1.2 km from start) starting cate­gories 1 - 5 turn left 2 times (2 Mooswiesen-laps), before heading straight to BIS. Categories 6 - 8 turn left once (1 Mooswiesen-lap). Categories 9 - 11 go straight immediately (No Mooswiesen-lap).
Then continue up the hill. (There is no shame inPUSHING your bike up the hill.) Turn right at Hochstraße, then left at the transformer station, at the roundabout left again along the Alleestraße (the fire brigade will direct the traffic) into Haimhausen. At the Schlosstor go right and left again before the gas station into the BIS parking lot.
The changeover zone is in the parking lot in front of the new sports hall.

Organisers: SV Haimhausen e.V., Bavarian International School e.V.
Patron: 1st Mayor Peter Felbermeier
donations support the „Rosalia Bruckmeier Foundation“ in Haimhausen